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This program involves a simple auction of the best plan with the best incentive. While options can only extend the agreement for 5 years, our most popular plan is the 2 year option. The auction is conducted with as many as 95 Energy Suppliers and can be scheduled for up to three days. Essentially, this method of the madness serves to ensure that there is transparency in the bidding process for the customer and the suppliers. What we guarantee is a easy process with a great plan. Please don't hesitate to click on the button below to get in touch with us!

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We offer an aggregate program which allows for numerous residential meters to be combined to increase both usage and demand. Essentially, the increased usage allows us to negotiate reduced pricing to ensure mass savings. The more the merrier is the prevailing method of madness here. If you don't own a business, click the button below and hop in with others to witness the savings we can provide.


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Coupling the Residential Meter with a Commercial Meter can literally cut the cost of your energy bills by more than 50%. We consider this program to be the inheritance agreement, for the business owner will be granted the privilege to include any residential meter with the commercial account. While not all of our providers allow our clients to add residential locations to their business plan, trust us, we will find someone who will. We price through up to 95 suppliers, depending on location; therefore, we do and will, find the best plan for our clients. Click the button below to start saving.


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