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Work with proven leaders in the industry.

We expect to win every time, for we are some of the best financial advisors that you will meet in the Energy and Office Technology industries.


Driven by Excellence

At Fintesa, we sit at the same side of the table as you regarding negotiating with vendors. We are backed by a team of experienced professionals, and our strategic services for Energy and Technology meets the needs of all organizations. Regarding our solutions, we guarantee to deliver lasting improvements with measurable growth for all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to industrial corporations. We have several procurement strategies that are utilized to enhance our clients purchasing power so we can gain more options to optimize the business environment. We are also committed to excellence, strive to utilize our strategic partnerships to provide the latest technology and data resources, and we are hyper-focused on continuing to grow and develop our brothers and sisters as we help our business and civil communities.


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Dennis Delgado

Chief Executive Officer

  • UHCL Graduate (Bachelors & Masters degrees)

  • 11 years of Energy Brokering

  • 8 yrs of Brokering Office Technology

  • 8 years of Real Estate Consulting

  • Local, Statewide, and National




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Why Choose Us

10+ Years of Experience

Portfolio Management

Licensed Brokers

Custom Pricing Models

Managed 2,000+ Transactions

Constantly Evolving

What makes us different?

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Strategic Investments

Energy | Technology | Construction | Finance

We have brokered over 2,000 transactions and have saved millions of dollars for companies of all sizes. Our procurement model for investments in Energy, Office Technology, Home Improvement, and Personal Projects will yield the best pricing with terms and conditions that include protections for your organization. We pride ourselves on learning the best from the best throughout our tenure in the industries that we served. It is our experience that brings the most value to our clients, and it is our passion that brings our value to the markets we serve.

The Fintesa Platform was created to ensure that our clients investments are secure, feasible, and aggressive.

Enhanced Workplace Environment

Energy | Technology | Construction | Finance

We provide both the technology and services required to enhance the home and office environment. Our offerings automate standard processes at home/work and are unbeatable when considering efficiency and workflow! We also broker technology and products that enhance health, increase your efficiency standards, and focus on the ease of use for everything in the office. Our goal is to provide the necessities that could make your employees job easier, their life less stressful, and also develop proponents to the value of a Positive Mental Attitude in the workplace.

Our Smart Office solutions automate manual processes, and our smart technology help make your team want to be there.

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We recruit and develop our teams to ensure that our brokers are proficient, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable.

Energy | Technology | Construction | Finance

We are experts at procurement and are ALWAYS monitoring your business functions and the investments that we manage. Our sole purpose is to provide sound investments that yield high returns. In a nutshell, working with Fintesa will guarantee that you are provided with high quality products and services at a price that maximizes your returns.

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Energy | Technology | Construction | Finance

Our entire business model depends on our ability and willingness to strive to be the best brokers in the industry.

Our account management sets us apart from our competition. We are not reactionary in our business model. Rather, we are the definition of proactive and efficient...not to mention others rarely beat our pricing! We provide quarterly and annual assessments to monitor and track the benchmarks set on each investment we manage with you. It is our goal to ensure that the confidence in your investments never waver and grow in a manner that helps you grow.

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Energy | Technology | Construction | Finance

Custom Pricing


Energy | Technology | Construction | Finance

We are agnostic to both vendors and technology. Our platform guarantees the best rates, prices, and terms.

The Fintesa Platform utilizes methods of negotiation that target the best ALL-IN pricing structure that could be developed with protections to secure your investment. We truly have an unbiased approach, sit at the same side of the table as the consumer, and function strictly to ensure that the best ROI is organized with every investment made. Our quotes are backed by our financial assessments and are tailored based on customer needs. Therefore, you will be well informed to make a sound investment every time regardless of whether we partner or not.

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Energy | Technology | Construction | Finance

We offer services that assist in tenant re-billing, energy management, lease management, and investment strategy.

As portfolio managers, our responsibility is to monitor market conditions in correlation to business opportunities that enhance your ROI's! We negotiate flexible agreements that yield options to renegotiate terms, product, and services to ensure that our strategic investments remain the best available options. We also offer services to re-bill tenants to generate revenue from the investments we manage with you. Our primary market for this service is Energy and Copiers.




First, we are proud to serve our communities in Texas and beyond. Second, we have the portfolio necessary to provide the solutions you need, and we also have the support required to help make your goals a reality. Last, we guarantee that we look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving existing and future challenges. Reach out to us if you’d like to join our list of satisfied clients.

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